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Hydration Company of PA, LLC

Hydration is engaged in the businesses of water exploration and water augmentation. Hydration provides a solution to locate, procure, treat and distribute water. This patent-pending process provides treated water which results in an improved, safer environment. It can also mitigate drought conditions by accessing water previously unavailable. Applications may include, but are not limited to oil and gas, pipelines, industrial use, utilities, mining, municipalities and landowners.

We believe that Hydration’s technology delivers one of the highest energy yields from a broad range of water-bearing assets, with one of the lowest capital expenditures of any other known water processes.

Hydration, via its water conveyance methodologies produces low-cost water solutions in partnership with select small to large-size industrial energy users, government agencies and non-profit watershed groups in target markets.

Hydration has designed a unique, patent pending system to treat and distribute water in an efficient and economical process that should encourage treated water to be used by gas drillers, pipeline companies, utility companies, industry and municipalities.

Hydration’s competitive edge lies within its pure volume of reclaimed water and its access to low cost treatment with high flow rates and highly concentrated solids through AES’ partners’ technologies. Because of this volume Hydration can effectively gain market share immediately as large corporations want access to one source that can supply massive amounts of reclaimed water to fulfill their input of production through Hydration’s Patented (USPTO #10730760) methodology and conveyance methods.

Link to our Patent:  Natural Pipeline Water Conveyance System & Method