American Energy Partners, Inc.

Our Subsidiaries

Energy & Industrial Services

Unlimited Energy Services

Unlimited Energy Services

An energy service company that focuses on reducing the environmental footprint of energy assets through efficient operations and the decommissioning and reclamation of oil and gas wells.

Apex Energy Services

Apex Energy Services

Provides well-site services to upstream energy companies in Western PA, Eastern OH, WV Panhandle, and Northern WV. Services include general labor, pressure washing, hotshot hauling, vacuum service, erosion control, as well as primary and secondary containment. 

Hickman Geological Consulting

Hickman Geological Consulting

Provides a range of geotechnical and engineering services for the infrastructure, energy, and environmental sectors. Provides expert witness for litigation, appraisal of oil, gas and hard rock assets for sale, estate planning and tax.

Oilfield Basics

Oilfield Basics, LLC

An online education and information platform that connects industry thought leaders to produce and distribute information through courses, videos and podcasts.

Hydration Company of Pennsylvania

Hydration Company of Pennsylvania, LLC

Engaged in the businesses of water exploration and water augmentation. Hydration provides solutions for the location, procurement, treatment and transportation of water assets for energy and industrial users.

Energy Production

Freedom Oil & Gas

Freedom Oil and Gas, LLC

Operates oil and gas assets in West Virginia.
Gilbert Oil & Gas

Gilbert Oil and Gas, LLC

Operates oil and gas assets in Pennsylvania.

Washington Energy Services

Washington Energy Company, LLC

Operates oil and gas assets in Pennsylvania.

Oil Gas Management

Oil and Gas Management, Inc.

Operates oil and gas assets in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.