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Brad J. Domitrovitsch, MBA

Brad J. Domitrovitsch, MBA

CEO / Chairman

Brad Domitrovitsch has 20 years of expertise in analyzing, identifying and developing new market opportunities. His entrepreneurial background spans multiple industries including recycling, water treatment, transportation, real estate and technology.

Domitrovitsch was the Managing Member of HCPA for the last five years. Prior to his role at AEPT he was the president of a recycling company servicing the Northeast market. Domitrovitsch grew this company into a multi-million-dollar business and successfully exited his firm to form AEPT. Domitrovitsch holds a B.S. in Economics and obtained his MBA from Moravian College.

Domitrovitsch brings his experience and skill set to provide value to his shareholders first  while putting to work a suite of environmental solutions with demonstrated success.

Josh Hickman, PG, MSc, MBA

Josh Hickman, PG, MSc, MBA

Board Member / President Gilbert Oil & Gas

Mr. Hickman has 15 years of experience in the unconventional shale oil and gas industry.  Five of those years has been spent in the role of an executive building shareholder value.

Previous to this role with Gilbert, Mr. Hickman was the CEO of Dahlmont Energy Resources, a private oil, and gas company.  In 2014 he founded, and still holds an interest in, Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC. The focus of that company’s work is in the decision space between financial matters and technical data. HGC provides this expertise to financial institutions, start-up oil and gas companies, and landowners. Notable achievements with this company include a relationship as Shenhua America’s adviser on U.S. oil and gas investments in 2015, and becoming the dominant market shareholder for oil and gas property valuations in the Greater Pittsburgh area.


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